Tips & Tricks The App Marketing Basics

App Marketing Basics

As a specialized app development and marketing company in India we receive daily inquiries from small and large companies that need to develop and release app or have already released. Mostly they would like to know from us that what measures and techniques are the right once for a successful Marketing an app. Of course we have a variety of reasons not always possible to manage each project in the long term and extensive. Therefore, we would provide an overview of the most important milestones on the way to App Marketing. Here we have tried to formulate general possible steps that make sense for virtually any project.

  1. Integration & Testing:

    There are a handful of SDKs, whose integration has proven itself over time. Are these SDKs integrated, it is advisable to check their operation by means of small test campaigns?

  1. App Store Optimization (iTunes + Google Play):

    Through an optimization of the App Store content, titles and keyword fields will ensure that the full potential of the organic traffic app is harnessed. The visibility in the store is increased, whereby more organic downloads are triggered. Since this is similar to the search engine optimization, I would like to go at this point is not too much detail, and instead prefer to refer to our blog posts about ASO.

  1. Targeted Performance Marketing Campaigns:

    With performance campaigns reach new users, a higher user activity and (in-app) sales. Usually a certain budget is essential to promote the app. But even when the app is already running, it is advisable to carry out targeted campaigns. Here, between 3 billing models and 2 traffic types should be distinguished:

Billing models:

  • CPI campaigns (cost per install), billing per installation
  • CPA campaigns (cost per action), billing per defined action (activity)
  • CPO campaigns (cost per order), billing per sale

Traffic Type:

  • Incentive traffic (users are animated by a specific reward for an activity such as Install Shield, action or purchase)
  • Non – Incentive traffic (users install the app, because they find the offer interesting).

In addition, there are of course plenty of other topics that may play a crucial role in the successful marketing of an app, respected and engaged in one of the measures listed above, but it is already very well positioned. We hope that you have helped this contribution.


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